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MB Liverpool Your Local Independent Repair Centre – We Don’t Sell Cars But Make Sure You Save On Servicing & Repairs!! – Call 0151 909 4110 today.

Range Rover Run Flat Tyres Liverpool

As well as your brakes, your tyres are a crucial part of your car’s safety system that allow your Range Rover to turn and stop in a safe manner. You will be aware that it is illegal to drive a Range Rover if one or more of its tyres (including the spare) has under 1.6mm of tread depth. In practice, a 4×4 vehicle such as a Range Rover needs a far greater tread depth to be used off-road. Range Rover tyres are not cheap, and Range Rover run flat tyres are especially expensive. Come to MB Liverpool for a better price on your Range Rover run flat tyres.

Range Rover Run Flat Tyres

Range Rover run flat tyresRange Rover Run flat tyres are built in a different way to normal tyres. They have a specially reinforced sidewall that means – even if your Range Rover suffers a puncture – you can continue to drive at a limited speed for a limited period of time. Range Rover run flat tyres will work after a puncture at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour for up to of 50 miles. This should be enough to get you to a Range Rover run flat tyres specialist such as MB Liverpool. By fitting run flat tyres to a Range Rover, you can remove the need to carry a spare tyre or reduce the chances of having to jack up your Range Rover at the side of the road to change a tyre.

MB Liverpool Range Rover Specialist

MB Liverpool are Merseyside’s premier specialists for Range Rover, Range Rover, BMW, Mini and Mercedes Benz vehicles. We don’t sell Range Rovers, but we do make sure that you save money on Range Rover servicing and repairs! Get the best priced Range Rover run flat tyres at MB Liverpool. Our Range Rover specialist garage is conveniently located close to Liverpool City Centre. Call us today on 0151 909 4110.

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