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Mercedes Remapping

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Did you know you can boost the power and fuel economy of your Mercedes in about half an hour, simply by changing settings on its engine control unit (ECU)? It is called Mercedes Engine Tuning or Mercedes remapping, and it is all the rage amongst Liverpool Mercedes enthusiasts.

Mercedes Remapping Liverpool

What is Mercedes Remapping?

Your Mercedes ECU (Engine Control Unit) is its engine’s ‘brain’. It constantly reads and takes decisions based on the angle of your accelerator pedal, the engine temperature and gas content in the exhaust gases. Based on this wealth of data, it controls the Mercedes’s fuel pump, so the correct quantity of fuel is provided to the engine to balance fuel economy, performance and emissions. Mercedes remapping optimises these settings for your vehicle, rather than manufacturer’s default settings that are designed for Mercedess used for all kinds of purposes, all over the world.

Liverpool ECU Remapping

The Liverpool Mercedes engine remapping process used to be called chipping, as it involved swapping a microchip in the Mercedes with a modified one. These days, the process is done by your Mercedes specialist garage using a computer interface.  First, we read the Mercedes ECU’s standard map, and then we adjust various parameters such as fuel pressure and ignition advance to unlock your Mercedes’s engine performance. Mercedes engine remapping improves power and torque, throttle response and fuel economy. The fuel consumption of your Mercedes reduces because extra torque at lows revs means less throttle input on acceleration and lower revs for any given speed.

MB Liverpool Mercedes Specialist Garage

A Mercedes engine remap from MB Liverpool can significantly improve performance and fuel economy. Do not be tempted to attempt a Mercedes engine tuning yourself – if it goes wrong then it can cause extensive damage to your Mercedes engine which will be very expensive to repair. To find out more about our Mercedes ECU remapping service, contact the local Mercedes Liverpool experts here at MB Liverpool. Call us today on 0151 909 4110 to book your car in at our garage in Liverpool City Centre for an engine tuning.

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