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Mercedes Brakes

As your local Liverpool independent Mercedes Benz specialist MB Liverpool is the place to go for all your Mercedes servicing needs. For more info call us today on 0151 909 4110. One of the most demanding parts of your Liverpool Mercedes Benz vehicle is your Mercedes brake pads, they should always be in tip top shape for your safety and comfort. If you’re Mercedes brake pads are not aligned correctly the wear on them will be uneven, which if not checked and maintained on a regular basis, could have disastrous results.

MB Liverpool Independent Mercedes Specialist  

Mercedes Brakes

Going to an independent Mercedes Liverpool specialist garage like MB Liverpool means you are dealing with professionals that understand your car inside and out. They will use all the right Mercedes parts at a considerable saving compared to main dealer prices, so you get the best of both worlds, the Mercedes brake pads that are designed for your car and first class, friendly service that is designed for you. Your Mercedes brakes will usually wear gradually over time so you might not notice a sudden difference, however there are a few ways in which you can tell that your Mercedes brakes should be checked: Mercedes Illuminated brake warning light – many modern cars including Mercedes Benz have sensors in the braking system that detect wear and will illuminate a warning light on your instrument panel alerting you when your Mercedes brakes need to be checked for wear, or if another part of the Mercedes brake system is not responding correctly. Mercedes Hand brake efficiency – if your Mercedes handbrake needs to be pulled more than four clicks, or more than usual to ensure your Mercedes Benz vehicle doesn’t roll, it may be a sign that your Mercedes handbrake cable, Mercedes brake shoes or Mercedes brake pads need to be replaced. Grinding noises – if you hear any unusual noises when you apply your Mercedes brakes, it often means that your Mercedes brake pads or Mercedes brake shoes are severely worn and need to be replaced. Mercedes Brake judder – if you feel a judder through the Mercedes brake pedal when you apply your Mercedes brakes, it can mean that your Mercedes brake discs are warped. Judder can also happen as a result of overheating in the Mercedes Benz brake system caused by worn parts, old/contaminated brake fluid, or even a faulty Mercedes ABS sensor. ‘Spongy’ Mercedes Benz brakes – if you experience a soft or spongy feeling when applying the Mercedes Benz brake pedal, or if the pedal requires needs to be depressed more than usual to achieve the same stopping power, it could mean that your Mercedes brake fluid has lost its effectiveness. This can happen either through contamination or the formation of air bubbles, and needs to be replaced so contact your local independent Mercedes specialists MB Liverpool today. Pulling to the left or right – if you experience a pulling to the left or right under braking, you may have a seized or sticking Mercedes Benz caliper, or it may indicate that another part of the Mercedes Benz brake system is not responding correctly.

Liverpool Mercedes Brakes Safety Checks

Mercedes Brakes Service As well as making sure that your Mercedes brake pads are in order you need to be sure that your Mercedes brake discs are also up to the job. With the road conditions that we have to put up with, modern day commuting puts a heavy toll on your Mercedes brake discs. We all know about the pot holes and speed humps that wreck suspension and alloy wheels, but there is the dirt and grit from day to day motoring that will if left unattended cause pitting and grooves in your Mercedes brake discs. Just call MB Liverpool your local Liverpool independent Mercedes Benz specialist garage for a safety check today. You will improve not only the comfort of your ride for yourself and your passengers, but you will improve your safety, your fuel consumption and the life of your Mercedes. All at a price that is right for you. It pays to get all the facts first. MB Liverpool Independent specialist Liverpool Garage for prestige BMW Liverpool servicing, maintenance and repairs. They are also Liverpool Mercedes and Liverpool Mini servicing and repair experts. Before you commit to anywhere else, contact this Liverpool BMW, Liverpool Mercedes, Liverpool Mini Specialist Garage.

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