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Land Rover DPF Filter Cleaning Liverpool

Diesel-powered Land Rovers are now fitted, by law, with a DPF. DPF stands for “Diesel Particulate Filter”. It is a special filter that collects and large particles that are expelled from your Land Rover’s engine as you drive. Your Land Rover will automatically burn away the deposits that have accumulated on the DPF on a regular basis. Sometimes the Land Rover DPF becomes so badly clogged that it can no longer be cleaned automatically, and so Land Rover DPF filter cleaning is required. A Land Rover dealer will charge an arm and a leg for this service, so why not choose an independent Land Rover specialist to take care of your Land Rover’s DPF?

Land Rover DPF Filter Cleaning

Land Rover DPF Filter Cleaning LiverpoolThe DPF in your Land Rover is a filter that removes large soot particles from the exhaust gases so as to reduce pollution. It collects the particles until your Land Rover’s engine control unit (ECU) decides it needs to be cleared. The Land Rover’s ECU then does a “regeneration”: it heats the DPF to a high temperature, and the particles are incinerated. However, this only works if your Land Rover is in full working order and:
  • The Land Rover’s engine has no fault codes
  • You are travelling at motorway speeds in your Land Rover
  • The correct oil for the Land Rover is being used
  • The Land Rover’s glow plugs are working

Land Rover DPF Chemical Cleaning

What if something is wrong? Unfortunately, if all the above criteria are not met, the DPF regeneration will fail, and the Land Rover DPF requires specialist chemical cleaning. Help is at hand, as we at MB Liverpool offer just such a service!

MB Liverpool Land Rover Specialist

Don’t pay main dealer prices for Land Rover DPF chemical cleaning: MB Liverpool are Merseyside’s premier specialists for Land Rover cars. Get the best priced Land Rover DPF Filter cleaning at MB Liverpool. Our Land Rover specialist garage is conveniently located close to Liverpool City Centre. Call us today on 0151 909 4110.

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