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Independent BMW Specialists

Choosing A Liverpool Independent BMW Specialist

Many Liverpool BMW owners instinctively have their car serviced at their local Liverpool BMW Dealership. For some this is habitual, but for others, it’s the belief that Liverpool BMW Dealerships are the best option. However many Liverpool independent BMW garages employ experienced BMW mechanics and typically have lower labour rates.

Why Use An Independent BMW Specialist?

Independent BMW SpecialistsBecause they are completely independent it means they offer a credible alternative for BMW Inspection 1 service or BMW Inspection 2 service or any other BMW maintenance. It is understandable why many owners of premium marques such as BMW Liverpool or Mercedes Liverpool may choose to have their car serviced by a local BMW Dealership or Mercedes Benz Dealership. Yet BMW owners and drivers do not realise there are many reasons why using an independent BMW garage makes a lot of sense. Many motorists assume that they must have their car serviced by a BMW Franchised Dealership such as BMW Liverpool because of the Manufacturers Warranty. It is a common misunderstanding to believe that using an independent Liverpool BMW garage instead, will invalidate the Manufacturers Warranty.

The EC Block Exemption Regulations

EC Block Exemption RegulationsHowever, nothing could be further from the truth.The EC Block Exemption Regulation introduced in 2003 allows owners to have their BMW services completed by an independent BMW Liverpool garage with no effect on the BMW Manufacturer Warranty whatsoever. This is providing that the independent BMW Liverpool garage fits original BMW equipment ‘Matching Quality’ BMW parts and adheres to the manufacturers service schedule. By using the BMW original equipment ‘Matching Quality’ parts, the BMW Liverpool garage will be fitting items such as Oil and Fuel filters, that have been manufactured to the same quality as those originally fitted by the BMW car manufacturer themselves. This should provide peace of mind to the BMW motorist. The BMW garage also needs to adhere to the Manufacturer’s Service Schedule. Many motorists will not be aware that BMW garages readily have access to this information from a variety of sources. It enables them to follow the same checks and parts replacements that a BMW Franchised Dealer would perform. Through Block Exemption BMW Liverpool garages are able and do provide full and interim BMW servicing to the same level of a BMW Franchised Dealer. So, independent BMW garages such as MB Liverpool can provide the same BMW car service as a BMW Franchised Dealership.

But what are the other benefits of using an independent BMW Liverpool garage?

Well, independent BMW garages such as MB Liverpool typically don’t have the overheads of expensive BMW showrooms. It means they’re labour rates are generally lower, which transcends into lower BMW servicing prices that gets past on to the consumer. Add into the mix the vast experience that many BMW mechanics working in the aftermarket have, and the focus they must provide to their customers (after all it’s often their own business reputation that’s at stake), and the benefits from using an independent BMW Liverpool garage become more obvious. It pays to get all the facts first. MB Liverpool Independent specialist Liverpool Garage for prestige BMW Liverpool servicing, maintenance and repairs. They are also Liverpool Mercedes and Liverpool Mini servicing and repair experts. Before you commit to anywhere else, contact this Liverpool BMW, Liverpool Mercedes, Liverpool Mini Specialist Garage.

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