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The braking system contains many moving parts, and because brakes work by creating friction to slow or stop the vehicle, many of these parts wear a little each time the brakes are applied. For example, car brake pads contain ‘friction material’ – a material with a rough surface which is forced onto the car brake disc to slow it down, or stop it completely, during braking. This rate that this friction material wears is dependent on many factors, including whether you do more ‘stop-start’ town driving or motorway miles, where the brakes have to slow or stop the vehicle from higher speeds. Driving style is another factor. Your car brakes will usually wear gradually so you might not notice a sudden difference, however there are a few ways in which you can tell that your car brakes should be checked: Illuminated brake warning light – many modern cars have sensors in the braking system that detect wear and will illuminate a warning light on your instrument panel alerting you when your brakes need to be checked for wear, or if another part of the brake system is not responding correctly. Hand brake efficiency – if your handbrake needs to be pulled more than four clicks, or more than usual to ensure your vehicle doesn’t roll, it may be a sign that your handbrake cable, brake shoes or pads need to be replaced. Grinding noises – if you hear any unusual noises when you apply your brakes, it often means that your brake pads or shoes are severely worn and need to be replaced. Brake judder – if you feel a judder through the brake pedal when you apply your brakes, it can mean that your brake discs are warped. Judder can also happen as a result of overheating in the brake system caused by worn parts, old/contaminated brake fluid, or even a faulty ABS sensor. ‘Spongy’ car brakes Liverpool – if you experience a soft or spongy feeling when applying the brake pedal, or if the pedal requires needs to be depressed more than usual to achieve the same stopping power, it could mean that your brake fluid has lost its effectiveness. This can happen either through contamination or the formation of air bubbles, and needs to be replaced. Pulling to the left or right – if you experience a pulling to the left or right under braking, you may have a seized or sticking caliper, or it may indicate that another part of the brake system is not responding correctly.
Replacing brake fluid and brake system accessories
Brake fluid is the lifeblood of the braking system. When you press the brake pedal this force is transferred through the brake system to the caliper or wheel cylinder by the brake fluid. Brake fluid is designed to withstand normal brake system operating temperatures, however under the extremely high temperatures caused by heavy or prolonged braking, brake fluid can deteriorate and lose its effectiveness – and if the temperature rises above its boiling point it can even lead to total brake failure. As it moves around the brake system during its lifespan, brake fluid also absorbs moisture and gradually becomes contaminated, significantly reducing its effectiveness. Your mechanic can check the levels of contamination, however most vehicle manufacturers recommend that brake fluid should be replaced every two years.
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