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BMW Mini DPF Filter Cleaning Liverpool

BMW Mini DPF Filter Cleaning LiverpoolIf you have a diesel Mini, you most likely have a Mini DPF. The DPF is an integral part of a diesel-powered Mini’s exhaust. It has been a legal requirement to fit DPFs to all new diesel vehicles since 2012. What is a DPF, though, and why is the DPF on your Mini important?

What is my Mini’s DPF?

DPF stands for “Diesel Particulate Filter”. The DPF on your mini is basically a filter to remove large soot particles from the exhaust gases to reduce pollution. It continues to collect the particles of soot until your mini’s engine control unit (ECU) decides it is time for it to be cleared. The mini’s ECU then does a regeneration: it heats up the DPF to a temperature where all the particles are incinerated into dust. However, this only works properly if your Mini is in full working order and if:

  • The Mini’s engine has no fault codes
  • You are travelling at motorway speeds in your Mini
  • The correct oil for the Mini is being used
  • The Mini’s glow plugs are working

BMW Mini DPF Chemical Cleaning

What if there is a fault? Unfortunately, if these criteria are not met, then the regeneration will fail and the Mini DPF will require specialist chemical cleaning. Help is at hand, as MB Liverpool are here to the rescue if that happens!

MB Liverpool Mini DPF Filter Cleaning

Here at MB Liverpool we strive to give our customers the best solutions to problems with their Mini, BMW Liverpool or Mercedes Liverpool vehicles. If you are having Mini DPF issues, then we can find the fault with our specialist Mini Servicing Liverpool equipment and advise you of any parts that need replacing. We will check your Mini’s service history and replace the oil with the correct low-ash oil if needed. Once your Mini is in working order, then we can do a Liverpool Mini DPF Chemical clean with our OEM cleaning equipment and products.


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