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BMW Inspection 1 Service

BMW Inspection 1The BMW Inspection 1 service is the smaller of the two inspection services recommended by BMW Liverpool garages.  The main reason for the service is that it basically includes checking of all of the items that assures safety and full functionality of your BMW vehicle. At MB Liverpool our BMW experienced staff have many years of working with main dealership technicians, so you can rest assured that your BMW vehicle will be in safe hands. You can rest assured that parts are only changed when they are actually scheduled for replacement and at MB Liverpool your Independent BMW Specialist we give you a written confirmation of all the work carried out on your BMW. Book your BMW Inspection 1 Service today and save £££ on main dealership prices.

The BMW Inspection 1 Service Includes:

BMW Body / Electrical Equipment Checks
  • BMW Lighting systems are checked
  • Instrument panel, dashboard illumination, and BMW heater blower fan are checked
  • Horn, headlight flasher and BMW hazard warning system are checked
  • Condition of BMW seat belt, function of automatic-locking retractor, belt lock and belt buckle are checked
  • Acid level and state-of-charge in BMW battery are checked and charged if required
  • BMW Pollen filter replaced
BMW Engine Compartment Checks
  • Test with BMW diagnostic system to determine if any faults had been automatically recorded by the BMW vehicle
  • BMW oil service including the engine oil changed with Mobil oil and OE filter
  • BMW coolant levels are checked; when refilled, concentration of fluid is checked
  • At the corresponding interval coolant is changed (every four years at the latest), fluid is added as needed**
  • BMW service interval indicator is reset according to factory specifications
  • Fluid level and antifreeze additive in windscreen washer fluid reservoir are checked and topped up if needed
  • BMW steering fluid checked and fluid is topped up if needed
BMW Undercarriage Checks
  • BMW wheels removed and thickness of front and rear disc brake pads is checked. Wheel centring hubs on light-alloy wheels are greased
  • BMW steering system is checked for play, leakage, damage and wear
  • Undercarriage and body including all visible parts are checked for damage, leakage, corrosion
  • BMW brake system cables and connections are checked for leaks, damage and correct positioning
  • Functionality of BMW parking brake is checked and adjusted
  • BMW tyre pressure is checked and adjusted (including spare wheel), external condition and tread depth measured
  • Roadworthiness is checked, including brakes, steering/power steering, clutch, shock absorbers, control and warning lamps

Worried about your BMW warranty being affected?

Due to the European Block Exception (BER) , your BMW car warranty will not be affected if you let MB Liverpool your independent BMW specialists provide a BMW Inspection 1 Service or BMW Inspection 2 service as we only use compatible BMW equipment parts! It pays to get all the facts first. MB Liverpool Independent specialist Liverpool Garage for prestige BMW Liverpool servicing, maintenance and repairs. They are also Liverpool Mercedes and Liverpool Mini servicing and repair experts. Before you commit to anywhere else, contact this Liverpool BMW, Liverpool Mercedes, Liverpool Mini Specialist Garage.

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