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BMW Engine Carbon Clean

An MB Liverpool BMW Engine Carbon Clean, also called BMW hydro cleansing or BMW hydroflow is a process to clean the engine of your BMW and improve its performance and fuel efficiency.

BMW Engine carbon clean Liverpool

Within your BMW’s engine, carbon deposits naturally build up over time. These create an obstruction within the BMW engine and can block sensors and filters. Engine contamination means increased fuel consumption, higher emissions, a cut in performance, and they can even cause your BMW engine to fail completely if they are not removed. That could result in a very expensive repair bill from your Liverpool BMW specialist.

Liverpool BMW engine decarbonising

When your BMW begins to rack up more miles, carbon will build-up inside its engine. The detriment to fuel economy and reliability increases – and this is particularly problematic with diesel engines and high mileage petrol BMWs. The causes of your BMW’s clogged up engine can be unburnt fuel, doing a lot of stop-start driving, missing services, as well as the emission devices and sensors fitted to BMWs such as its DPF filter and EGR valves. Your BMW’s engine is like a heart: if its arteries get clogged then the consequences can be fatal. Our Liverpool engine carbon clean system for BMW vehicles uses special chemicals to remove any carbon deposits from inside your BMW’s engine, and clean the sensors and filters.

MB Liverpool BMW Specialist Garage

If you wait too long to get your BMW’s engine health checked out it could be too late. A BMW engine carbon clean will significantly prolong the life of your vehicle and cut the chances of an expensive breakdown. If you would like to find out more about BMW engine decarbonising, contact your local BMW Liverpool experts at MB Liverpool. Call today on 0151 909 4110 to book an appointment at our BMW specialist garage in Liverpool City Centre for a BMW engine carbon clean.

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